Top Tips to Prepare Your Static Caravan for Winter

If you are a static caravan owner or are currently looking for static caravans for sale then it is important to know how to properly protect it from the weather and cold temperatures that can occur over the harsh winter months.

Here are some of the steps you can take to make sure your mobile home is safe during the time it is unoccupied so that it is ready for when you come back in Spring.

· Clear Out

You will need to remove all food items, even those that are long lasting like pasta, rice etc as these all make a welcome feast for mice and rodents. Discard ALL food from the cupboards, fridge, and freezer, before defrosting, cleaning and leaving the doors ajar.

Take soft furnishings, towels, pillows, duvets, and blankets with you as these can end up smelling musty or attract unwanted visitors who like to make nests in them. Move items of furniture away from the walls and place them in the centre of the room.

· Clean

Give your static caravan a thorough clean, ensuring that you remove all traces of food, crumbs, discarded wrappers and rubbish so that they don’t attract mice. Vacuum all the floors including under furniture and down the sides of sofa cushions etc and give hardwood flooring or tiles a mop.

· Airflow

Leave cupboards, wardrobes and doors between rooms open to allow the air to circulate throughout and help prevent damp and condensation. Removing curtains, blinds and nets is also a good idea. You can buy moisture traps to place around your static caravan which help to attract the excess moisture that tends to accumulate over the winter.

· Drain down

In winter your caravan pipes can freeze and split, causing lots of damage. If your mobile home is going to be unoccupied over winter and is on a park then for a fee, most of them will take care of this job for you. If you are going to do it yourself then make sure you follow instructions properly and seek professional advice when needed.

· Exterior

Do not neglect the outside space as failing to prepare it properly can lead to damage that affects the whole caravan.

  • Remove all outside furniture, BBQ’s, parasols, and ornaments and store them safely inside or take them home with you.
  • Clear out the gutters and remove all debris, leaves, and nests to ensure they won’t overflow and cause damage.
  • Check that your seals are intact and that there are no signs of cracks, wear and tear or damage. If there is, then it will be well worth paying the small amount to get them repaired as if not it can lead to much more expensive issues later.
  • Use wire mesh to cover any holes or gaps underneath your static caravan to prevent vermin from making their way in.

· Lock Up

This might seem like an obvious one but it’s important to go around all your rooms and thoroughly check that all the windows, doors and skylights are shut tight and locked. If you have an alarm system, then make sure you activate it.