Many of Us Wonder What the RV Lifestyle Is Like

You RV owners have something going on. So much so that many of the rest of us wonder what the RV lifestyle is actually like. We dream of doing what you do. At the same time, we cannot imagine how you do it. Such is the dichotomy of people who fantasize about full-time RVing but never actually try it.

Some of us are weekend warriors more than willing to go set up the tent for a couple of days. Some of us rent RVs for a week or two every summer. Yet we still envy the fact that your full-timers live on the road. We are jealous of the fact that you are from wherever you happen to be at the time. That says freedom to us. It says few distractions except those offered by Mother Nature herself.

1.We Imagine the Investment

So why don’t more of us adopt the RV lifestyle? In some cases, it is a matter of money. We imagine the investment it must take and simply decide we don’t have the financial wherewithal. In fairness, financial limitations are legit if circumstances dictate that you must maintain a stationary household. It is awfully expensive to pay a mortgage and keep an RV on the road.

Separate households aside, a lot of us look at the sticker prices of new RVs with shock and awe. The most expensive RVs on the road cost more than some of us paid for our homes! That being the case, there is a temptation to believe that full-time RVing is reserved only for the wealthy.

2.We Imagine the Work

Something else that gets inside our brains is the amount of work involved in being a full-time RVer. At every new destination, you need to park the RV and level it. Then you need to deal with power and water hookups. And don’t forget the sewer. After all that is the AirSkirts inflatable RV skirting.

What we fail to remember is that we put just as much work into our stationary homes. We may not have to set up and tear down every couple of days, but we still work hard. We cut the grass in the summer and shovel snow in the winter. We fix the roof when it leaks and exchange storm windows and screens with every change of seasons.

3.We Imagine a Lack of Comfort

Getting back to the AirSkirts RV skirting for just a moment, we see things like that, and we assume that living in an RV isn’t as comfortable as what we are used to. In some cases, this is true. But it doesn’t have to be. Some of you full timers live very comfortably on the road. You’ve figure out all the secrets to making your RVs and trailers warm, cozy, and as relaxing as can be.

Of course, space is always an issue for full timers. Let’s face it, you can’t pack up a 1500-square-foot home and jam it all into a camping trailer. Even the biggest RVs built on bus frames do not have the kind of storage space you have in a traditional stationary home. But when you live on the road as an RVer, you really don’t need all that stuff the rest of us have in our homes.

At the time of this writing, spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere. And with it come the many RV shows inviting people like us to dream. We wonder what full-time RVing is like. We wonder if we could really embrace the lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is no way to know without just doing it.